Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3-5-2014 PS--Commencement Speech

  • PLAN
  • Welcome, Attendance, & Daily Plan
  • Game of the Week
  • Homework Check - Share with your group while I walk around.
    • Find at least three quotes that could be effectively used in your speech. Be sure to give credit to whomever wrote or spoke the quote.
    • Find one or two stories from a well-known person that could be effectively used in your speech. NOTE: You CAN use a story from someone who is not well-known if it truly fits within your speech.
    • Discuss with class.
  • Commencement Speech Analysis
    • Activity #34--3/5/2014--Conan O'Brien Commencement Speech Journal
        • Conan references many things that the student body can relate to. List 2 of these things.
        • Conan provides a number of memorable quotes. Record at least 3 memorable quotes.
        • What message does Conan share that sticks with you?
        • Share three comments about Conan's delivery (i.e. stance, eye contact, voice, use of notes, etc.) during his Dartmouth Commencement Speech. What did he do well? What could be improved?
      • Discussion
    • Activity #35--3/5/2014--Commencement Speech Example Analysis
      • Read the two example speeches from past students.  Write down:
        • One Strength
        • One Growth Area
        • What do you believe the message was?
        • How effective did the quote and message tie together?
        • How did their personal EHS experience relate to the message and quote?
    • Commencement Speech Grading Rubric
    • Speech Sign Up
      • Friday - Volunteer to be evaluated?
    • Speech Writing Time
    HOMEWORK (OFFICIAL at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
    • Write down one or two EHS memories/stories that could be effectively used in your speech.  REMEMBER: The commencement speech is a positive sending off of the entire student body.  Make sure your story is one that many students will relate to.  You can talk about yourself, but make it meaningful to the class. (DUE THURSDAY)
    • Complete a rough draft of your commencement speech. (Due Friday)
      • Activity #36--3/7/2014--Commencement Speech Manuscript Rough Draft
    • Write a brief reflection on the following:
      • How has Edina Public Schools prepared you for life after high school?
      • How do you use technology for learning?
      • What does "personalized learning" mean to you?
    UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
    • Thursday--Matt Huff Commencement Speech, Joke Day
    • Friday--Peer Commencement Speech Review
    • Monday--Present Commencement Speeches

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