Thursday, August 30, 2012

9-4-2012 PS Happenings

  • Welcome & Attendance
  • Course Goals--Best Elective Ever & Clear Expectations
  • YAWP!
  • Moodle Intro & Registration
  • Blogger Introduction
  • Notebook Table of Contents Set Up
  • DPS 1st Day of School
    • Watch the following Dead Poets' Society video clip of Todd presenting a poem in Mr. Keating's (Robin Williams) class: As you think about the video clip we watched in class, respond to the following questions in your notebook:
      • What thoughts/feelings do you have about Public Speaking that may be similar to Todd?
      • What thoughts/feelings might be different? Explain.
      • What is one thing you can take away from this clip that could help you in Public Speaking? Explain.
  • Mr. Buckley's Special Object
  • Student Information Sheet
  • Name Game
HOMEWORK (OFFICIAL at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
  • Enroll in Mr. Buckley's Moodle class. (Due Thursday)
  • First Speech--Bring in an object (or picture) that has special meaning to you and/or represents you in some way. (Due Wednesday)
    • Follow these guidelines for this speech:
      • Make sure to bring an object or picture of the object.
      • Speak for at least 1 minute.
      • Write your outline on a note card.
    • Organization
      • Introduce the object.
      • Explain the object in detail. Share the situation of that particular object.
      • Explain the significance/meaning/connection that you have to this object. What makes it special and/or important?
      • Conclude with a brief summary of your speech and a sentence that gives a sense of finality to your speech.
    • Grading
      • 5 Points--You must bring in an object or picture of your object.
      • 5 Points--Your speech lasts 1 minute or longer.
      • 5 Points--You are a respectful and engaged audience member. No phones, no homework, no ear buds, no talking, etc.
  • Fill out and return the Student Information Sheet. (Due Wednesday)
  • Bring hand sanitizer or Kleenex and one of the following items to leave in the classroom for community consumption: glue sticks, pens, pencils, highlighters, or dry erase markers. (Due Thursday) 
UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
  • Wednesday--Special Object Speeches
  • Thursday--Begin Colors Speech Activities
  • Friday--Attention Getters, Colors Speech Evidence Sheet,
  • Monday--Colors Speech Assignment, Outline Writing, Sample Colors Speech
  • Tuesday--Delivery & Note Cards, Colors Speech Rubric Review, Peer Presentations
  • Wednesday--Colors Speech Presentations
  • Thursday--Colors Speech Presentations
  • Friday--Colors Speech Presentations

Welcome to Public Speaking!

Welcome to Public Speaking! My name is Mr. Buckley and I'm really looking forward to this class! Public Speaking will give you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from others by gaining experience communicating in many different situations. I'm also excited to teach important communication theory and skills through the use of real-life activities and technology. My goal is for this to be one of the best electives you ever take at Edina High School while gaining valuable communication knowledge, skills, and experience!