Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3-26-2014 Oral Interp Performances, Performance Reflection Speech

  • Welcome, Attendance, Daily Plan
    • Game of the Week
      • Kentucky VS Louisville Men's Basketball Sweet 16
    • Present Oral Interp Performances
      • Timer
        • Give hand signals to performers
        • Tell Mr. Amborn time when he asks after the presentations
      • Pre-Speech
        • Show Mr. Amborn your scripts
      • During Speech
        • Be a respectful and encouraging listener
          • Listen quietly
          • Put away digital devices--I should not see ANY phones!
          • No other homework
          • No talking
          • Give eye contact and full attention to the presenters
          • These are supposed to be hilarious--laugh out loud!
    • Activity #40--3/26/14--Performance Reflection Speech
      • 20 points total.  Graded on:
        • Posture, Voice, Eye Contact (2 points each)
        • Performance in Strength Area (2 points)
        • Performance in Growth Area (2 points)
        • Time Limit - 0:45-1:30 (2 points)
        • Met Speech Requirements (4 points)
        • Overall Impression (4 points)
      • Speech Requirements
        • Attention Getter
          • Can be a famous quote about improving yourself
          • I personally challenge you to think of something else to use (not requiring a projector)
        • One Strength
          • Explain how/why you are strong in this area
          • Example
        • One Growth Area
          • What will you INTENTIONALLY do to improve on this area?
          • How will this improve your skills in this area
        • Conclusion
    HOMEWORK (Official at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
    • Activity #39--3/26/14--Personal Reflection Speech
      • Come to class with your notes written for your Personal Reflection Speech (DUE THURSDAY)
    • Come to class prepared to present your Personal Reflection Speech (DUE THURSDAY)
    UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
    • Thursday--Personal Reflection Speech
    • Friday--Personal Reflection Speech
    • Monday-Friday--SPRING BREAK!!!

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