Monday, March 17, 2014

3-17-2014 PS--Oral Interp, Finding a Selection

  • Welcome, Attendance, Daily Plan
    • Game of the Week
      • MN Gophers vs. WI Badgers (Big Ten Tournament)
    • Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    • Watch selections of national performances from oral interp
      • How is it different from stage performances / What will we do differently from this example?
        • We are not introducing
        • No props, no set, no costume, no looking at one another
        • What did they do at the start?
        • We will not be focusing on the moving piece
          • They move around frequently, but mostly just shift their body position.  Look at different places to identify different characters or movements.
          • They do not look at each other
    • What makes a good selection and performance (PowerPoint)
    • Make groups
    • Check homework--video clips
      • Describe clips to your group members.  
      • Selecting a video that you all enjoy is of the utmost importance.  So you will have the remainder of the class to start this group research.  Start watching clips, identifying what would work best for your group based on the discussion we had in class.
    HOMEWORK (Official at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
    • Bring a tongue twister to class (printed or written in your journal).  You do not need to practice it; simply bring the text so that we can use them tomorrow in class.  (DUE TUESDAY)
    UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
    • Tuesday--Vocal Performance Exercises
    • Wednesday--Improv Speeches
    • Thursday--Vocal Performance Exercises
    • Friday--Write/Practice Selections

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