Thursday, November 19, 2015

11-19-2015--Ms. Swenson Visit, EHS Problem/Issue Research

  • Reminder: When you arrive to class, please open the blog on your digital device.
  • Welcome, Attendance & Daily Plan
    • If you'd like an extended time to visit during Parent-Teacher conferences on November 19th, feel free to sign up HERE.
    • EHS Problem/Issue Panel Presentations
      • Ms. Swenson Presentation
      • Article Sharing
      • Download Electronic Copy of Overall Group Plan or Print on Hard Copy
        • One member from each group should do the following:
      • Record Groups
        • Presentations
          • Each group will give a 30 second to one minute presentation that covers the following:
            • State your chosen problem/issue.
            • Share at least three things you have learned about this problem/issue from your research.
            • Share at least one question that your group has arrived at regarding your problem/issue that you will explore through additional research.
          • Class Presentations
            • Mr. Buckley's Comments & Questions
              • Thoughts
              • People to Contact
              • Areas to Research
        • Research
        • Interviews
          • Make requests for interviews over the next few days.
          • Sample Email:
            • Greetings Dr. Locklear!

              Mr. Buckley's Public Speaking class is currently working on the Edina High School Problem/Issue Panel Presentation. My group is choosing an issue that we believe is present at Edina High School. Our panel will explain and analyze the problem, present possible solutions, and suggest a best solution. We decided to choose Collaborative Time as our topic. As part of our research process, we are conducting interviews with those persons who may have some knowledge and perspective regarding our issue. Would you be available to meet and discuss this issue with us? We could visit during our 2nd hour Public Speaking class on Friday or Monday, but can also be flexible with another time if that is helpful. Thanks for considering our request. We are excited to leave a legacy of change for improvement at Edina High School.


              Jonathan Buckley & Daniel Amborn
      • Plan for Future Classes
      • EACH GROUP MEMBER--Locate TWO ADDITIONAL online articles related to your problem/issue. Keep in mind that these articles do not need to be about EHS specifically. They must relate to some aspect of your problem/solution. (Due Thursday)
                            UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
                            • Thursday--EHS Problem/Issue Panel Presentation
                            • Friday--EHS Problem/Issue Panel Presentation
                            • THANKSGIVING BREAK

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