Tuesday, March 14, 2017

3-14/15-2017 PS--Block Schedule--Matt Huppert Speech, Stephen Colbert Speech, Speech Writing

  • Welcome & Attendance
  • Discuss Commencement Speech Quotes & Stories Journal
    • Respond to the following questions:
      • Find at least TWO QUOTES that could be effectively used in your speech. WRITE THEM DOWN. Be sure to give credit (state) whomever wrote or spoke the quote.
      • Find ONE STORY from a well-known person that could be effectively used in your speech. SUMMARIZE THE STORY in 2-3 sentences. NOTE: You CAN use a story from someone who is well-known if it truly fits within your speech.
    • Share in Group
      • Share one story or quote with class.
  • Commencement Speech Analysis
    • Activity--Matt Huppert Speech Journal
      • Write the following words and leave space to respond to each:
        • SHARE
        • CONNECT
        • QUOTE
        • MESSAGE
        • GROUP RATING
        • SHARE--Share one important thing that you believe is imperative in presenting an excellent commencement speech.
        • CONNECT--How did Matt connect with his audience?
        • QUOTE--Write down at least one quote from Matt's speech.
        • MESSAGE--Write down at least one message from Matt's speech.
        • On a Scale of Fist to 5, rate Matt's speech.
        • 3 IMPORTANT THINGS--As we continue analyzing commencement speeches, list the 3 most important things that you would like to focus on to present your best commencement speech.
    • Group Share
    • Class Discussion
  • Discuss EHS Top Ten List
    • Activity--EHS Top Ten List
      • Come up with a TOP TEN list of memorable events, people, traditions, etc. for your experience at Edina High School.
    • Share in Group
    • Class Discussion
  • Commencement Speech Analysis
    • Stephen Colbert 2011 Commencement Speech at Northwestern University
      • Background
        • Stephen Colbert attended Northwestern
        • Armadillo Day--A student-run music festival held on the shores of Lake Michigan. This student-run event is the largest in the country and is accompanied by lots of drinking.
        • During that school year, there was a controversy involving a professor-approved live sex demonstration in front of the Human Sexuality class.
      • Heads Up--There are a couple of spots where the video will go black or a white box will pop up, but the sound continues. This is part of the video. Just listen to Colbert.
      • Activity--Stephen Colbert Commencement Speech 3-2-1
        • 3 Quotes--Colbert provides a number of memorable quotes. Record at least 3 memorable quotes.
        • 2 Connections--Colbert references many things that the student body can relate to. List 2 of these things.
        • 1 Message--What is one message Colbert shares that sticks with you?
    • Work on Commencement Speech
      • Plan for Future Classes
      • YAWP!
      HOMEWORK (Official at 3:10 P.M.)
      • Activity--Commencement Speech Ideas (Due Thursday)
        • Think about your commencement speech and write down the following possible parts to your speech:
          • Share one or more quotes that you may include in your speech.
          • Share one or more memorable events, people, and/or traditions from your EHS Top Ten list.
          • Share one or more messages you'd like to include in your speech.
                        UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
                        • Thursday--Speech Writing Workshop
                        • Friday--EHS Commencement Speech 2016 (Kathryn Fuluvaka), Peer Presentations
                        • Monday--Present Commencement Speeches
                        • Tuesday--Present Commencement Speeches
                        • Wednesday--Present Commencement Speeches
                        • Thursday--Present Commencement Speeches
                        • Public Speaking Notebook Table of Contents--This is the current table of contents for Public Speaking. You may reference this document to make sure you've included all activities in your notebook TOC.
                        • The Writer's Block--The Writer's Block is a writing center staffed by English teachers and trained student writing coaches who work with students in one-on-one conferences to help them grow as writers.  Face-to-face conferences during lunch and online conferences are open in the evening.
                        • Email Mr. Buckley--Do you have a question or a comment? Feel free to email Mr. Buckley anytime.

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