Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4-5-2016 PS--CT--5 Kinds of Communication Presentation Work

  • Welcome, Attendance & Daily Plan
    • Work on 5 Kinds of Communication Group Assignment
      • 25 POINTS--Complete 5 Kinds of Communication Group Assignment
        • Divide class into 3 groups.
        • Use Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Prezi
        • Share ONE video example of each KIND of communication:
          • Find a YouTube video clip that illustrates one or more of the 5 Kinds of Communication:
            • Intrapersonal Communication
            • Interpersonal Communication
            • Group Communication
            • Public Communication
            • Mass Communication
          • TITLE SLIDE--Include First & Last Names, Public Speaking, Period, a picture/clip art and a TITLE for your presentation.
            • TITLE--Include slide title (The KIND of Communication) and write the title of the YouTube clip.
            • DEFINITION--Provide a definition of the primary kind of communication in the video.
            • VIDEO--Embed video into slide.
            • SUMMARY--Write a one or two sentence summary of what happens in the video.
            • COMMUNICATION--List the kind(s) of communication present in the video.
            • EXPLAIN--Explain how ONE kind of communication is present.
        • 5 Kinds of Communication Group Assignment Grading Rubric
          • Title Slide (5 Points)
            • Names
            • Public Speaking
            • Period
            • Picture/Clip Art
            • Title
          • Kinds of Communication Slides (15 Points--3 Points per Slide)
            • Title
            • Definition
            • Video
            • Summary
            • Communication
            • Explanation
          • Presentation (5 Points)
            • Clear & Easy to Understand
            • Creative & Attractive
      • Work Time in Group
      • Plan for Future Classes
      • Continue working on your 5 Kinds of Communication Presentation (Due Tuesday)
        UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
        • Wednesday--5 Kinds of Communication Presentations
        • Thursday--Communication Test, Begin Personal Experience Speech, Bruce

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