Monday, January 21, 2019

1-22-2019 PS (7)--Welcome & YAWP!

  • WELCOME--Please Check the Seating Chart on the Podium
  • Welcome, Attendance, & Daily Plan
    • Mr. Buckley's Teaching Background
    • How Do You Distinguish Yourself From Others?
  • Course Goals--Best Elective Ever
    • Fun, Meaningful Activities--NOT Busy Work--Reasonable Work Expectations
    • Clear Expectations & Plans (Daily & Long Term)
    • Witness Personal Growth, Development, and Confidence in Speaking Situations
      • Blogger Introduction
        • Mr. Buckley's classes will be using Mr. Buckley's Public Speaking Blog throughout the school year:
          • Each day, the class plan and homework will be posted on Mr. Buckley's Public Speaking Blog.
          • Whether you are present or absent for any reason, you should be aware of what is going on in class and what assignment expectations have been established each day. It is your responsibility and you are expected to check this blog on a DAILY basis.
        • To access Mr. Buckley's Public Speaking Blog, you must view it online:
      • Speech Groups
        • Share with your group:
          • Name
          • Middle School
          • Grade
          • SEMESTER 1
            • Favorite thing you did this summer.
            • One thing that surprised you since you arrived at EHS today.
          • SEMESTER 2
            • Favorite thing about Semester 1.
            • One thing you are looking forward to about Semester 2.
        • Secret Handshake
      • YAWP! from Dead Poets' Society
        • View YAWP Partial Clip (3:11) OR 
        • Show Actual Film Clip (53:40-57:59)
        • Discuss
          • Watch the following Dead Poets' Society video clip of Todd presenting a poem in Mr. Keating's (Robin Williams) class: As you think about the video clip we watched in class, discuss the following questions:
            • What thoughts/feelings do you have about Public Speaking that may be similar to Todd?
            • What thoughts/feelings might be different? Explain.
            • What is one thing you can take away from this clip that could help you in Public Speaking? Explain.
        • Practice Your YAWP!
          • Mr. Buckley's YAWP
          • Speech Groups
          • Present
            • Celebrate our speaker in the circle
            • This is my YAWP!
            • Clap of Appreciation
      • Bring hand sanitizer or hand lotion and one of the following items to leave in the classroom for community  consumption: glue sticks, pens, pencils, highlighters, or dry erase markers. 
      • Student Information Sheet (If Time)
      • YAWP!
      HOMEWORK (Official at 3:15 P.M.)
      • Get a Public Speaking Notebook & Folder (Due Wednesday/Thursday)
        • Bring hand sanitizer or Kleenex and one of the following items to leave in the classroom for community  consumption: glue sticks, pens, pencils, highlighters, dry erase markers, note cards, hand sanitizer, or hand lotion. (Due Friday)
        • If you haven't already done so, set as a favorite on all digital devices including your phone and home computer.
                                          UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
                                          • Wednesday/Thursday (Block)--Welcome & Introduction Part 2, Special Object Speeches
                                          • Friday (7)--Special Object Speeches
                                          • Public Speaking Notebook Table of Contents--This is the current table of contents for Public Speaking. You may reference this document to make sure you've included all activities in your notebook TOC.
                                          • The Writing Center--The Writing Center is staffed by English teachers and trained student writing coaches who work with students in one-on-one conferences to help them grow as writers.  Face-to-face conferences during lunch and online conferences are open in the evening.
                                          • Email Mr. Buckley--Do you have a question or a comment? Feel free to email Mr. Buckley anytime.

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