Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10-11-2017 PS--7 Period Schedule--Fear Video Clip Presentation Work

  • On Wednesday, October 11, 1st period, 3rd period, and 4th period will NOT be held in W318. Please report to the Countryside Learning Area (Next to W216). DO NOT come to W318 as students will be taking the PSAT and we don't want to interrupt them. Thanks.
  • Welcome & Attendance
  • Grade Check
  • Fear Video Assignment Presentations
    • Hand out Fear Video Clip Assignment
    • Create a Google Slide Show/PowerPoint Presentation
      • Slide 1--Title Slide
        • Group Member Names
        • Title of Your Presentation
        • Clip Art and/or Image to Represent Your Presentation
        • Include an Attention Getter
      • Slide 2--Video Slide #1
        • Include a Slide Title
        • Write the Official Title of the Video
        • CITE Where the Video Came From
        • Provide a SET UP of the Video
        • Include and Image, Screenshot, etc. Related to the Video
      • Slide 3--Video Slide #2
        • Include a Slide Title
        • Embed the Video--DO NOT LINK the Video
      • Slide 4--Fear Analysis Slide
        • Share TWO Things Related to Our Fear Unit from the Video
        • Include an Image, Screenshot, etc. Related to the Slide
      • Slide 5--Summary & Conclusion Slide
        • Summarize Your Presentation
        • Include an Impactful Closing Statement that Gives a Sense of Finality
        • Include an Image, Screenshot, etc. Related to the Slide
    • Sample Fear Video Clip Visual Aid
      • Plan for Tomorrow
      • YAWP!
      HOMEWORK (Official at 3:15 P.M.)
        • Complete Visual Aid (Due Thursday/Friday)
        • Assign Each Part of Presentation (Due Thursday/Friday)
        • PRACTICE Your Part of the Presentation (Due Thursday/Friday)
                    UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
                    • Thursday/Friday (Block)--Fear Video Clip Presentations
                    • Public Speaking Notebook Table of Contents--This is the current table of contents for Public Speaking. You may reference this document to make sure you've included all activities in your notebook TOC.
                    • The Writer's Block--The Writer's Block is a writing center staffed by English teachers and trained student writing coaches who work with students in one-on-one conferences to help them grow as writers.  Face-to-face conferences during lunch and online conferences are open in the evening.
                    • Email Mr. Buckley--Do you have a question or a comment? Feel free to email Mr. Buckley anytime.

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