Friday, October 28, 2016

10-28-2016 PS--Types of Messages

  • Welcome & Attendance
  • Packer Contest
  • Communication Theory
    • Activity--Types of Messages Worksheet
      • Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages--Part 1
        • Review of Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
      • Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages--Part 2--Examples of Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
      • Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages--Part 3--Examples of Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
      • Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages--Part 4--Examples of Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
          • Sitcom Episode--Everybody Loves Raymond
            • Ping Pong Episode--Raymond challenges his father, Frank, in a rematch of Ping Pong to avenge his Dad throwing the game when he was a child.
            • Characters
              • Raymond--Main character who, as a child, used to cry when his father would beat him in ping pong. 
              • Debra--Raymond's wife who tries to help prepare Raymond for his rematch by talking trash to him.
              • Robert--Raymond's brother who is very tall and has a deep voice. He has always been jealous of Raymond being the favored one in the family and loves any chance to see Ray in trouble with Debra, Frank, or Marie.
              • Marie--Raymond and Robert's Mother
              • Frank--Raymond and Robert's Father
        • Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages--Part 5--Examples of Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
            • Summary of TV Show
              • HOMEWORK
      • Plan for Future Classes
      • Complete Part 5: Homework from the Verbal, Vocal, Nonverbal Messages Worksheet (Due Monday)
          UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
          • Monday--Types of Messages Wrap Up, 5 Kinds of Communication Assignment
          • Tuesday--5 Kinds of Communication Presentations, Communication Review
          • Wednesday--Communication Test
          • Public Speaking Notebook Table of Contents--This is the current table of contents for Public Speaking. You may reference this document to make sure you've included all activities in your notebook TOC.
          • The Writer's Block--The Writer's Block is a writing center staffed by English teachers and trained student writing coaches who work with students in one-on-one conferences to help them grow as writers.  Face-to-face conferences during lunch and online conferences are open in the evening.
          • Email Mr. Buckley--Do you have a question or a comment? Feel free to email Mr. Buckley anytime.

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