Monday, May 2, 2016

5-2-2016 PS--Great Speech Analysis

  • Welcome, Attendance & Daily Plan
  • Parent Persuasive Speech Debriefing
    • Speech Groups
      • Reflection
        • What answer did you receive?
          • Yes
          • No
          • Maybe
          • Yes-But
        • What reasons were given for the answer you received?
        • What is one thing you can take away from this speech to help you become a better speaker? Explain.
      • Parent Persuasive Speech Feedback
        • Fist to 5 Group Rating
          • Variety
          • Interesting/Engaging
          • Worthwhile
  • Great Speeches Presentation--Great Speech Example #2
    • Activity #37--Great Speech #2--George W. Bush
      • Review of 9/11
        • This video provides a reminder of the day's events. If you are sensitive to the graphic nature of this, you should refrain from watching it.
      • George W. Bush's "The Night of 9-11-01" Speech
        • Not many people view this speech as a Great Speech. List 2 reasons why you think it MIGHT NOT be considered a Great Speech AND 2 reasons why you think it MIGHT be considered a Great Speech.
      • George W. Bush's "Ground Zero Bullhorn" Speech
        • George W. Bush's Bullhorn speech is viewed by many as a Great Speech. List 3 reasons why you think this might be considered a Great Speech.
  • Plan for Future Classes
  • Bring Kleenex (Extra Credit)
  • Complete Parent Persuasive Speech Assignment (Due Monday)
  • Complete Activity #36--Possible Great Speeches for Great Speech Presentation (Due Monday)
    • List 3 possible great speeches for your presentation. For each speech, complete the following:
      • List the speech title.
      • Share who gave the speech.
      • Provide a one-sentence summary of the speech.
      • In one sentence, explain why you consider this to be a "great speech."
        UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
        • Friday--Impromptu Speeches
        • Monday--Great Speeches Analysis & Work
        • Tuesday--Great Speeches Analysis & Work, Parent Persuasive Speech Due, Parent Persuasive Speech Analysis
        • Wednesday--Great Speeches Sign Ups, Great Speeches Analysis & Work
        • Thursday--Great Speeches Analysis, Peer Presentations
        • Friday--Great Speeches Presentations
        • Monday--Great Speeches Presentations
        • Tuesday--Great Speeches Presentations

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