Thursday, October 29, 2015

10-29-2015 PS--CT--Communication Unit Debriefing, Parent Persuasive Speech

  • Reminder: When you arrive to class, please open the blog on your digital device.
  • Welcome, Attendance & Daily Plan
  • SMT Moodle Enrollment Check
  • Communication Unit Debriefing
    • Facilitator
      • What did you LIKE and find WORTHWHILE about the Personal Experience Speech Unit?
      • What did you DISLIKE about the Personal Experience Speech Unit?
      • What suggestions do you have?
      • Length/Pacing Discussion
    • Activity #32--Parent Persuasive Speech Assignment
      • Assignment
      • Sample Outline
      • Sample Speech
    • Activity #33--Parent Persuasive Speech Sample Outline
    • Plan for Future Classes
    • Complete assigned sections of the Parent Persuasive Speech Worksheet (DUE Friday)
    • Complete Activity #34--Parent Persuasive Speech Outline (DUE Friday)
      • Using the example Parent Persuasive Speech Outline as a guide, create a written or typed outline of your Parent Persuasive Speech.
        UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
        • Friday--Parent Persuasive Speech Part 2, Begin Commencement Speech

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