Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9-16-2015 PS--Fear Case Studies

  • Reminder: When you arrive to class, please open the blog on your digital device.
  • Welcome, Attendance & Daily Plan
  • Collect Supplies
  • Name Game
  • Check Fear Case Studies
    • Fear Unit
      • When You're Afraid of Public Speaking Video
      • Fear Case Studies Presentations
        • Share one thing that sticks out from the Case Studies.
        • Divide into groups
        • Create two presentations
          • Skit of the story
          • Interactive presentation of questions and answers such as:
            • Game Show, Jeopardy, Etc.
            • Jimmy Fallon Interview, Skit, etc.
        • Your combined presentation is worth 20 points
          • Skit (10 Points)
            • Creative--5 Points
            • Covered Basic Concepts--5 Points
          • Q & A (10 Points)
            • Creative--5 Points
            • Covered All Questions--5 Points
    • Plan for Future Classes
    • Name Game
    • Prepare for your Fear Case Studies Presentations (Due Thursday)
    • Activity #18--Personal Fear Experience Journal (Due Thursday)
      • Share one experience you've had in which you experienced intense FEAR:
        • What were you scared of?
        • What happened?
        • How did you feel BEFORE the experience?
        • How did you feel DURING the experience?
        • How did you feel AFTER the experience?
    • Complete Personal Fear Inventory (Due Thursday)
      • Complete the Personal Fear Inventory for your class. All results are anonymous.
      • Click on the link below and answer the 3 questions:
    UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
    • Thursday--Fear Case Study Presentations, Personal Fear Inventory
    • Friday--Dead Poets Society Part 1
    • Monday--Dead Poets Society Part 2
    • Tuesday--Dead Poets Society Part 3
    • Wednesday--Fear & Dead Poets Society Analysis & Review
    • Thursday--Fear & Dead Poets Society Test

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