Friday, April 10, 2015

4-10-2015 PS--EHS Problem/Issue Panel Presentation

  • Reminder: When you arrive to class, please open the blog on your digital device. 
  • Welcome, Attendance & Daily Plan
  • Vote for Faculty Speaker HERE
  • EHS Problem/Issue Panel Presentation
    • Solution Sharing
      • EACH GROUP MEMBER--Write a possible solution for your problem/issue.
        • List the possible solution.
        • Explain in detail what that solution would look like.
        • List the possible pros of your solution.
        • List the possible cons of your solution.
    • Presentations
      • Each group will give a 30 second to one minute presentation that covers the following:
        • Restate your chosen problem/issue.
        • Provide a brief summary of the problem/issue.
        • Share at least two possible solutions with pros & cons of those solutions.
      • Class Presentations
        • Mr. Buckley's Comments & Questions
    • Work Time
      • Guidelines & Expectations
        • Be Productive
        • Work Collaboratively
        • Stay on Task
        • Use Digital Devices Appropriately and Effectively
      • Continue Interviews
        • Determine who you wish to interview.
      • Determine who you wish to interview
        • Decide who will conduct the interview.
          • Select 2 people
        • Select 2 people
            • One person asks questions.
            • One person records responses.
        • Set up a date and time to complete the interview with each person.
        • Formulate a set of interview questions.
      • Invite Stakeholders
        • Determine who you would like to invite to your presentation.
        • Determine who you would like to invite to your presentation
        • These people should be knowledgeable about the topic and/or have the power/influence to help make change.
        • Send out formal invitations to your stakeholders.
      • Formulate Possible Solutions
        • You must come up with AT LEAST 6 possible solutions.
        • List pros and cons for each.
      • Research
  • Plan for Future Classes
HOMEWORK (OFFICIAL at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
  • EACH GROUP MEMBER--List 3 criteria that would make an effective solution (Due Monday)
    • In other words, if you found an effective solution, what would it look like? What would happen?
    • It is EXTREMELY important that you have clearly defined criteria for an effective solution.
                UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
                • Monday--EHS Problem Issue Work Time

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