Monday, March 2, 2015

3-2-2015 PS--Types of Messages

  • Reminder: When you arrive to class, please open the blog on your digital device.
    • Welcome, Attendance & Daily Plan
    • Game of the Week Contest
      • Wolves @ Bulls
    • Counselor Presentation
    • Introduction to Communication Theory
        • Activity #30--Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages Worksheet
          • Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
            • Review of Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
            • Examples of Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
              • May the Force Be with You
              • Comedians are Masters of Messages
                • Will Ferrell
                  • Cowbell
                  • Chess Meet
                  • Jeopardy
        • Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages Part 2
          • Review & Discussion of Part 5 Homework
          • Examples of Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Messages
            • TV Show Example & Analysis
            • Everybody Loves Raymond
              • Ping Pong Episode--Raymond challenges his father, Frank, in a rematch of Ping Pong to avenge his Dad throwing the game when he was a child.
              • Characters
                • Raymond--Main character who, as a child, used to cry when his father would beat him in ping pong. 
                • Debra--Raymond's wife who tries to help prepare Raymond for his rematch by talking trash to him.
                • Robert--Raymond's brother who is very tall and has a deep voice. He has always been jealous of Raymond being the favored one in the family and loves any chance to see Ray in trouble with Debra, Frank, or Marie.
                • Marie--Raymond and Robert's Mother
                • Frank--Raymond and Robert's Father
      • Plan for Future Classes
      HOMEWORK (OFFICIAL at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
      • Study for Communication Test (Due Wednesday, March 4)
        • Review sheet available on Moodle.
        • You may NOT use any study guides on the test.
      • Complete the Parent Persuasive Speech and Submit to Mr. Buckley (Due Tuesday, March 10)
      • 40 POINTS--Complete 5 Kinds of Communication Group Assignment (Due Monday, March 9)
        • Divide class into 3 groups.
        • Use Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Prezi
        • Share one video example of each kind of communication:
          • Find a YouTube video clip that illustrates one or more of the 5 Kinds of Communication:
            • Intrapersonal Communication
            • Interpersonal Communication
            • Group Communication
            • Public Communication
            • Mass Communication
          • TITLE SLIDE--Include First & Last Names, Public Speaking, Period, a picture/clip art and a TITLE for your presentation.
            • TITLE--Include slide title and rite the title of the YouTube clip.
            • VIDEO--Embed video into slide.
            • SUMMARY--Write a one or two sentence summary of what happens in the video.
            • COMMUNICATION--List the kind(s) of communication present in the video.
            • EXPLAIN--Explain how ONE kind of communication is present.
        • Be prepared to share your presentation on Monday.
          • Title Slide (5 Points)
            • Names, Public Speaking, Period, Picture/Clip Art, Title
          • Kinds of Communication Slides (25 Points--5 Points per Slide)
            • Title
            • Video
            • Summary
            • Communication
            • Explanation
          • Presentation (10 Points)
            • Clear & Easy to Understand
            • Creative & Attractive
            UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
            • Tuesday--5 Kinds of Communication Work Time, Parent Persuasive Speech Part 1
            • Wednesday--Communication Test, 5 Kinds of Communication Work Time, Parent Persuasive Speech Part 2
            • Thursday--Hockey Tournament
            • Friday--NO SCHOOL
            • Monday--5 Kinds of Communication Presentations, Parent Persuasive Speech Practice Presentations
            • Tuesday--Parent Persuasive Speech Due, Begin Commencement Speech

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