Thursday, January 29, 2015

2-4-2015 PS--Desk Videos Day 2

  • Reminder: When you arrive to class, please open the blog on your digital device.
  • Welcome, Attendance, & Daily Plan
  • Desk Pilot Video
    • As a class, you will create a video that covers the Desk Pilot.
    • Your video must include several people using their Public Speaking Skills.
      • Introduction
        • Create an effective attention getter that is interesting, appropriate, and relevant.
        • Background information--Explain what the Desk Pilot is.
      • Body
        • Description
          • Share the features of the desks.
        • Cost
          • How much do these desks cost compared to the traditional desks?
          • Research will be needed. Ms. Swenson probably knows the answer. You can also connect with Mike Pretasky and/or Jenny Johnson.
        • Pros
          • What are the advantages of these desks?
        • Cons
          • What are the disadvantages of these desks.
        • Recommendations
          • As a class, what recommendations would you make? Why?
      • Conclusion
        • Provide a summary of what you've covered.
        • Tie back to your attention getter in some sort of way.
        • Other Requirements
          • Share with Mr. Buckley on GoogleDrive.
          • Use some sort of editing program to put your clips together.
          • Be sure to include a slide that states the title, Public Speaking, and period. You DO NOT need to include the names of every student in class unless
        • Suggestions
          • Select a director/co-directors--Choose one or two persons to serve as the director/co-directors for this project. They will oversee and coordinate everything.
          • Create sub-groups--i.e. writing, filming, acting, editing, etc--to complete the job. Today you should determine what groups you need, form those groups, and then start working.
          • Designate a facilitator for each group--The facilitator should keep the group on track and coordinate with other group facilitators to make sure everything is covered.
          • Be professional & interesting--Keep in mind that BUILDING ADMINISTRATORS will be watching these videos.
        • Plan & Due Date
          • Tuesday--Introduce assignment. Select a director/co-directors. Create sub-groups. Designate facilitators. Work Time. (Entire Class)
          • Wednesday--Film and edit. (Entire Class)
          • Thursday--Revise and finish. (20 minutes)
          • Friday--Final Video will be viewed in class on FRIDAY.
        • Assessment
          • 50 Points
            • Content (20)--Includes all content/organization listed above of Introduction (5), Body (10), and Conclusion (5)
            • Delivery (15)--Posture (NOT PLANTING FEET for this is OK), Eye Contact (With the camera), Voice (Smooth & Energy)
            • Presentation (15)--Putting together the video so it looks professional. Some sort of video editing will help with this.
    • Plan for Future Classes
    HOMEWORK (OFFICIAL at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
      • Work on Desk Pilot Video
      UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
      • Wednesday--Desk Pilot Video
      • Thursday--Fear & Dead Poets Society Analysis & Review
      • Friday--Fear & Dead Poets Society Test, Videos

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