Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4-29-2014 PS--Personal Experience Speech Presentations & EHS Problem Introduction

  • Welcome, Attendance, & Daily Plan
  • Personal Experience Speech Presentations
    • Activity #54--4/23/2014--Personal Experience Speech Chart
      • Create a 3 column Chart:
        • Person's Name
        • Strengths (Write 2)
        • Growth Areas (Write 1)
      • Activity #55--4/24/2014--Personal Experience Speech Grade
    • EHS Problem/Issue Panel Presentation
      • Introduction
        • Activity #57--4/29/2014--EHS Good & Bad
          • Create 2 Columns:
            • Column 1--List 5 great things about Edina High School?
            • Column 2--Provide a one sentence explanation for each.
            • Column 1--List 5 problems, issues or things that could be improved at Edina High School.
            • Column 2--Provide a one sentence explanation for each.
        • Establish Groups
          • Record groups
        • Discussion
          • Brainstorm at least 5 possible problems/issues. Rank them in order of 1 to 5 for what you want to present.
        • Activity #58--4/29/2014--Group HIGH FIVE
          • List your top five problems/issues that you would like to present. Be sure to list them in order.
        • EHS Problem/Issue Panel Presentation LibGuide
          HOMEWORK (OFFICIAL at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
          • Bring ONE article related to ONE of your HIGH FIVE problems/issues. (Due Wednesday)
          • If you HAVE NOT presented your speech:
            • Upload Personal Experience Speech to TurnItIn (Due Speech Day)
            • PRACTICE YOUR SPEECH in preparation for Formal Presentation. (Due Speech Day)
            • EXTRA CREDIT (2 BONUS POINTS)--Bring a signed note stating that you presented in front of a parent. (Due Speech Day)
          • If you HAVE presented your speech:
            • Complete Personal Experience Speech Reflection:
              • Activity #56--4/24/2014--Personal Experience Speech Reflection
                • Congratulations! You've completed your Personal Experience Speech! Please take a few minutes to reflect on your speech and respond to the following questions:
                  • What was your favorite part of this Speech? Why?
                  • What surprised you about your speech? Perhaps you learned something about yourself or you found that you did well or poorly in an area you did not expect.
                  • When you reflect back on this speech, what is one thing you will take away from this experience that will help you improve your public speaking skills in the future? Explain.
            UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
            • Wednesday--Personal Experience Speech Presentations, EHS Problem/Issue Research Presentation & Assignment

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