Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3-6-2013 PS Happenings--Joke Day

  • Welcome, Attendance, & Daily Plan
  • Game of the Week Contest
  • Check Speech of Recognition & Acceptance Journal & Reflection
  • Joke Day
    • Joke Day Presentations
      • Tomorrow (Wednesday), you will share TWO jokes with the class.
        • One joke can be taken from someone else.
        • One joke must be created by you.
      • Requirements
        • The joke should be PG-13 at most. (If you wouldn't be comfortable telling this joke to your parents or grandparents--or your Public Speaking teacher for that matter--it's best to come up with something else.)
        • Don't tell jokes that are based on offensive stereotypes. (The purpose of this speech is for all of us to have some fun and a few laughs, not hurt the feelings of others and/or make enemies. It's best to stay away from other teachers or students in the class, but if you'd like to poke fun at me or my class, that's OK.)
        • You may choose to present your two jokes with the aid of notecards, a manuscript, or from memory. (Any method is fine, really.)
        • Each joke does not have to be long. For example, knock-knock jokes are brief, but still meet the requirements of this assignment. (At most, your two jokes should total no more than 2 minutes.)
        • Your joke does not have to be funny. (As I've said before, 90% of students don't get my jokes and the 10% who do don't think they are funny. I'm not a natural comedian and I don't expect you to be either. And in some cases, a terribly bad joke turns out to be quite humorous because of how awful it really is. Even if the entire class stares at you with a blank zombie look, you will still earn full credit for presenting your two jokes.)
  • Speech of Recognition & Acceptance Debriefing
    • Speech Groups & Class Discussion
    • Complete Activity #13--3/4/2013--Speech of Recognition & Acceptance Reflection (Due Wednesday)
      • Using your Speech of Recognition & Acceptance Journal, reflect on the speeches you viewed and your own speech experience:
        1. What were two common strengths in these speeches?
        2. What was one common growth area of improvement?
        3. What was your favorite part of this speech and related activities? Why?
        4. What was one strength of your speech?
        5. What was one area you felt you improved upon in comparison to previous speeches? (This may or may not be the strength of your speech.)
        6. What was one thing you would like to focus on to improve when presenting your next speech? What steps will you take to accomplish this?
HOMEWORK (OFFICIAL at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
  • None
UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
  • Thursday--Hockey Tournament
  • Friday--No School

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