Thursday, September 20, 2012

9-20-2012 PS Happenings

  • Welcome, Attendance, & Daily Plan
  • Colors Speech Debriefing
    • Colors Speech Journal Reaction Activity
      • Activity #5--9/12/2012--Colors Speech Journal---Page #
        • Write each person's name down when presenting. After their speech, write a two sentence summary that identifies strengths (one sentence) and areas that can be improved (one sentence). 
    • Colors Speech Reflection
      • Activity #6--9/12/2012--Colors Speech Reflection---Page #
        • Congratulations! You've completed your Colors Speech! Please take a few minutes to reflect on your speech and respond to the following questions:
          • What was your favorite part of the Colors Activity & Colors Speech? Why?
          • What surprised you about your speech? Perhaps you learned something about yourself or you found that you did well or poorly in an area you did not expect.
          • When you reflect back on the Colors Activity and Colors Speech, what is one thing you will take away from this experience that will help you improve your public speaking skills in the future? Explain.
    •  Mr. Buckley's Final Thoughts
  • Introduction to Communication Theory
    • Hand out Chapter 1--What Is Communication? Text & Study Guide
HOMEWORK (OFFICIAL at 3:10 P.M. Each Day)
  • Read Chapter 1--What Is Communication? Text (Due Friday)
    • Available on Moodle
  • Complete Chapter 1--What Is Communication? Study Guide (Due Friday)
    • If you do not complete this in class, you may obtain a copy of Chapter 1 from Moodle.
UPCOMING (Subject to Adjustments)
  • Friday--Communication Theory-Communication Process Presentation, Drawing Activity
  • Monday--Communication Theory-Speakers, Listeners, Observers Activity
  • Tuesday--Verbal, Vocal, & Nonverbal Communication

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